*Typically, we have been exceeding our "unpaid submission limit" with Submittable, so if there are no open categories you may have to wait until next month.*

Heavy Feather Review accepts poems, short stories, flash fictions, nonfictions, hybrid works, art pieces, etc. We usually read packets of 3-6 poems/flashes/shorter prose. There are no print guidelines for fiction, creative nonfiction, comics/original art, or hybrid works. At this time, we do NOT accept book manuscripts. Save poetry and prose submissions as one document (doc, docx, rtf, txt, etc). JPEG and PNG image files are preferred. We can only print black-and-white art images in our books. Translations welcome. Questions? Review inquires go to Jeff Chon. General correspondence is handled by Jason Teal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief.

Cover letters are encouraged, but not required. While work is regularly featured online, HFR debuts one print issue a year. Allow 30 days for a response, inquire after 60, although we pride ourselves in responding much sooner. Simultaneous submissions are allowed; notify us immediately if your submitted work has been accepted for publication elsewhere. HFR accepts original work that has not been published elsewhere. Upon acceptance, HFR takes first serial rights to the work. After publication, all rights revert back to the author. Should the accepted work appear elsewhere after its publication in HFR, kindly list HFR as its original publisher. HFR is unable to pay contributors; however, contributors receive a print copy of the issue in which they are published.

Submissions to HFR are now and forever FREE.

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To us, “feature” is a loose term/form, and the topics and form are open to interpretation. The final product can be a traditional essay, poem, short story, list, definition, collage, or whatever you can think up.

The Future

Posing utopic, apocalyptic, dystopic, or superhero solutions to “The Future.” Writers depict futuristic alternative worlds in politics, environment, gender, religion, sexuality, or ethnography.

Side A

The rule is simple: send ONE standalone poem, essay, story, comic, manifesto, anomaly to “Side A.” Published works appear alongside short-form interviews and, if possible, YouTube audio.

Flavor Town USA

Calling all gluttons, picky eaters, fry cooks, servers: get on the grill with the burnt edges for HFR. Welcome to “Flavor Town USA,” where food writing takes on a whole new spin.

Bad Survivalist

The couple that camps together gets mauled together. Never ask for directions but plead for outdoor sex? Every pool is safe for swimming. You are a bad survivalist; blaze your trail for HFR.

Haunted Passages

An ominous wind circles you in the middle of an isolated woods. Your friends wander into an empty factory, under the cover of dusk, never to be seen again. These are “Haunted Passages,” new features of unearthly delights.


HFR is invested in supporting and publishing art by the LGBTQIA+ community, Muslim writers, writers of color, female-identifying writers, aging writers, undocumented immigrant writers, survivors of abuse or assault, disabled writers, neurodivergent writers, non-American writers, plus other marginalized groups. White supremacy and other hate is inexcusable, and we wish to counteract and stand against these prevalent attitudes. HFR has reaffirmed its mission to elevate these marginalized groups by initiating a new blog feature, #NoMorePresidents, an online space for these communities to publish new writing.

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